Specialist bathroom renovations in Melbourne, Victoria

Are you fed up with your bathroom design? Does your bathroom need a befitting retouch that would leave your jaws dropping? Or perhaps, you just need a renovation for your bathroom?

We are experts that work to create designs that you’d love.  Our job is to pay attention to details about spacing, alignment, and aesthetics to ensure that your bathroom shines.

Peter Conlan ensures that your bathroom is just the way you like it. You might be wondering about our services or why you need to choose us in Melbourne ; we have all the answers ready.

Peter Conlan Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a local bathroom renovation and modification firm, why don’t you call on Peter Conlan? Your bathroom needs the Midas touch from our company to gain the look you truly desire. We deliver various services from beautification, modification, reinforcements and other things you require. The best part, we deliver right on time.

Who Are We?

For over two decades, Peter Conlan Bathroom renovations in Melbourne have offered customers stellar bathroom services topping it with excellent customer service. We are a qualified company that has assisted clients to define the clear-cut prerequisites for their bathrooms. Peter Colan bathroom renovations is a licensed practitioner partnered with the Victorian Building Authority.

Choosing us gives you access to a highly talented team of craftsmen who have deepened their passion for work and proven their devotion. With them, you can use your bathroom for many years to come , because they use durable materials to ensure your satisfaction.

We Know The Best Designs That Suits Your Bathroom

At Peter Colan, we pay attention to all the aspects of creating an excellent bathroom, such as spacing, tilings, sinks, and functionality, and we provide accurate quotations. We allow you to decide the designs that would work best for you based on your preferences. 

Consider the advantages of hiring a trusted bathroom renovation firm and reach out. Peter Conlan provides the best solution for you if you desire beautiful bathroom designs or a make over.

Melbourne’s most trusted Bathroom Renovation Team

Peter Conlan provides different services; however, we differ from the crowd because of our excellent attributes. They include:

●     Experience

We have highly experienced workers who have worked for over 20 years and have gained positive reviews from various clients. This is a surety that when a client pays for our services, top-notch is the least they expect. With our experience, we understand how to handle the tightest situations and bring out the best results.

●     Professional Staff

Our experienced staff are not only zealous but also professional in their approach. They employ their versatile knowledge to provide the best fit for your home.

●     Equipment

Because of our love for quality, we only use the best instruments for the job. We partner with exceptional companies that produce first-class materials to renovate and remodify your bathroom. These tools improve our efficiency and ensure the work suits your taste. Our main aim is to ensure that your bathroom remains durable even after many years of usage.

●     Excellent Service

Our interest is not just to put our name out there. We offer impeccable services for our clients.

When we remodel a bathroom for elderly ones, we are more careful with picking our materials to ensure that the floors are not too slippery. We believe that the best designs are the ones that guarantee safety and provide ease of usage.

Though we're locally operated, we consider our clients and provide the most appropriate service for them to ensure that their lives aren’t in danger. However, we still showcase the uniqueness of our company by making all installations high quality, exotic, and desirable.

●     Time Conscious

Time is precious, and our company is quite aware of that fact. Once you reach out to us, we move quickly to meet your needs. We deliver our services without keeping you waiting for donkey years. Our team of talented workers gets to your home on time and performs their role without inconvenience. We take your needs seriously that is why we’re always ready to meet them at supersonic speed.

●     Passionate Employees

Any agency or firm that lacks passionate workers is sure to crumble. No one would want the service of an unmotivated team to help them, especially in the comfort of their homes. Our skilled team with over 20 years of experience is passionate about their work. Our workers are accessible and free to converse with as they hold the interest of our clients at heart. Who wouldn't want to have people who are accommodating do their job? We believe that your needs are valid. We are ready to listen to your comments and effect changes accordingly without the slightest change in motivation.

●     Budget-Friendly

Working with us, you wouldn't have to worry about a huge budget or handling unnecessary costs. We examine your bathroom, come up with mouth-watering plans to work with and give you the exact budget for the job. Although you might have to get the entire project running, we are not exploitative. You can get your bathroom fixed for an affordable price by choosing Peter Colan Mentone bathroom renovation services. Contact us today!

●     Stress-Free

We are eager to help regardless of how bad your bathroom looks. Do you think your bathroom is irredeemable? Think of us as your knight in shining armour coming to the rescue (we don’t have a horse though). Our team has worked in over 15 areas; we are conversant with different situations. We know the perfect techniques to employ to gain the best results. 

●     We Offer Quality Advice

Although you might have an image of how you want your bathroom to look; however, you’re lacking in experience. We offer quality advice to all our clients to ensure you get the most functional designs that work best for your home. There’s a high chance that you might love a particular design but it doesn’t suit your space. This is why we give quality advice on essential areas such as floorings and basins to determine their accurate placing.


Are you tired of the old designs in your bathroom? Do you fear that your bathroom might fall apart soon? Trust us to save the day.

By choosing our company, you get to benefit in diverse ways, which include the following:


●     Improve Your Bathroom's Safety


There are different ways to make your bathroom safer. The fittings, floorings, and finishings are essential to ensure you don’t slip. Our job is to make the vital and delicate parts are well attended to as it also dictates one's healthy living. Imagine having a cool bath on a Monday morning, just to fall on the tiles. At Peter Conlan, we know the best practices to keep our clients safe.

●     Choose Better Bathroom Designs

We offer renovation and remodification designs; however, we also guide you to make better choices. Although you might have the money for a well-facilitated bathroom, you must also consider the members of your house. Are they old, or are they young? We help make appropriate choices for you and your home.

●     Include Useful Features

Your bathroom does not have to look boring and old-fashioned. We can help with some more essential areas and add other functional features to your bathroom. Our job is to ensure that your bathroom areas are easily accessible and convenient.

●     Solve Existing Problems

If your bathroom has some underlying issues, the renovation will allow you to fix these issues for better usage. We treat every issue with your bathroom right from the roots and replace it with more advanced equipment that offers security.

●     Keep Your Bathroom Updated

You know that famous saying, “out with the old, in with the new,” that’s what you need. We help you to keep your bathroom updated and new, aligning with the best bathroom ideas in vogue. You’re no longer living in the 90s but your bathroom has to look the part. Trust us with your bathroom's design because we’re vast about the recent ones in the market. Choosing us will be the best option you ever made.

●     Improve Your Potential For A Resale

Many people end up selling their homes in the future for one reason or another. When the seller puts the house up for sale, a prospective buyer looks at the main areas in the home, and if the bathroom is not attractive, it might reduce their interest in it. Having a good bathroom also helps to increase your bathroom's resale value.

●     Increases Space

Space is a crucial factor for every great design. We position the items in your bathroom with improved tact to ensure you have enough space for yourself. With the space, you can include other equipment in the bathroom as you desire. When there’s space, you can add mirrors or whatever you think is lacking in your bathroom. With much room comes the inspiration to spur creativity.

Peter Conlan's company is the best in the business. You should choose this company because you would get value for money and gain jaw-dropping results. This company combines experience, professionals and affordability to meet your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Peter Conlan offers its clients top-notch and good customer service. With us, you are assured that we would design your bathroom expertly. You can benefit from our fast delivery, excellent services, long years of experience and quality consultation services tailored to keep you safe.

Peter Conlan Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne offers top-notch service. We’re just a phone call away? Why don't you give us a try by contacting our company and receive the best service you can only get with us!

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