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Darren Steele
Darren Steele
Couldn't be happier with our new ensuite bathroom! Peter and Cam and the crew did a fantastic job. Right from our first consultation, where Peter made a couple of crucial design suggestions, our experience was first rate. On time, on budget, and above expectations.
Annette Ong
Annette Ong
Peter and his band of merry men did an outstanding job in renovating our bathroom ..... the quality of their work is most impressive. Peter is thoughtful and accommodating and he helped us through what we thought would be a bad messy experience but it was quite the opposite. The work was completed quickly and cleanly and charges were very reasonable. Thank you Peter and team. We value your integrity and good humour.
We had an old bathroom with the typical shower over the bath. You took your life in your hands every morning with the risk of slipping over the bath edge and doing untold damage to yourself. Peter and his skilled team totally transformed the bathroom into a modern large ensuite and second shower room and toilet complex that is now the best part of the house. I was amazed how Peter solved problems and came up with innovative ideas and designs that were beyond me. I highly recommend Peter Conlan to anyone thinking of renovating an existing or adding a new bathroom. See before and after photos !! Five stars!
Larry Hudson
Larry Hudson
Renovated my mum's bathroom and did a great job. Much more modern and accessible now!
Luke Martin
Luke Martin
Peter and his crew did a superb job at our place. From planning to design right through to the finished product - which we are thrilled with - Peter was so helpful and easy to deal with. While his on-site singing was ordinary, his friendly and accommodating manner made the whole process a breeze. Thanks very much Pete, Cam, Jason and Salltan.
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When planning the layout of your laundry room, it’s easy to get caught up in the big decisions like where to put your appliances. However, it’s important to also consider high-use items such as laundry baskets when envisioning how you want the space to function. By starting with these smaller details, you can ensure that the flow of the room is optimized for convenience and efficiency. Don’t overlook seemingly minor elements – they can make a significant difference in how well your laundry room ultimately serves its purpose.



Cabinets can take up valuable space and creating a cluttered atmosphere. However, custom cabinetry offers a solution to this problem. By designing cabinets that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, you can create a more organized and functional space in your home. 

By incorporating laundry-specific features such as separate compartments for sorting clothes or pull-out hampers, you can streamline the process of doing laundry while also keeping the area tidy and aesthetically pleasing. So don’t let heavy and cumbersome cabinets get in your way – invest in custom cabinetry for a more efficient and attractive home environment.


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Laundries are often treated as purely functional spaces, but they have the potential to be so much more. 

By shifting our perspective and thinking of them like we do kitchens – as places where we nourish and care for ourselves and our families – we can transform these task-heavy areas into warm, welcoming spaces. 

Just because laundry rooms are practical doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice style or ambience; with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, and laundry room can become a place that inspires comfort and relaxation rather than just a chore-filled room.


The appearance of your laundry room is just as important as its functionality. Custom cabinetry not only provides efficient storage space, but it can also add a touch of style that elevates the entire space. 

There’s no need to have unsightly laundry products out on display – with the right cabinetry, you can hide them away while maintaining a chic and tidy look in your home. Let us help transform your laundry room into a stylish haven where you can comfortably and easily take care of all your household needs without compromising on aesthetics or practicality.



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Doing laundry can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. The solution is simple: a built-in table for folding clothes, sorting piles, and treating stains. With this addition to your laundry room, you’ll have everything you need in one convenient location. No more struggling with piles of clothes on the floor or trying to find a clean surface for sorting your laundry. And with an area dedicated specifically to stain removal, even your most delicate garments can look as good as new again. Don’t let dirty work get you down – make doing laundry simple and stress-free with a built-in table that makes the whole process easy and efficient!



Creating a bright, open workspace is integral to any well-designed home. One way to achieve this is by optimizing your work table placement. By strategically positioning your surface in an area with ample natural light, you can ensure that both you and your space stay illuminated throughout the day. 

Additionally, if saving space is a priority for you, consider incorporating a water-resistant benchtop into your laundry room design – this innovative solution allows for efficient storage of front-loading washer and dryer units without sacrificing style or function. Remember: it’s crucial to make sure that the elements of your space are working together harmoniously in order to create an environment that truly works for you.